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New: SiSoftware Sandra 2015!

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SiSoftware Sandra MAX3! Released

NB: This version has been replaced by Sandra 2004.

London, UK, June 26 2003 - For anyone out there who thoughts that we have entered a technological slow down recently-they are sadly mistaken. The last few months have seen more and more hardware developments, which have kept the SiSoftware team busy at work to ensure increased compatibility and accurate reporting.

But this time it is not just more support but also more benchmarks, more languages and more platforms! We now offer 3 new benchmarks and 2 new languages!

Flash Removable Storage/Flash Benchmark. Everyone is getting them, they often fit in your pocket. But how do they compare? Sandra now tells you! It is not a Hard Disk and is not used like one so why limit your technical analysis? See it for what it is: a Flash Removable Storage Device!

"We are very pleased that SiSoftware understands the difference in testing capabilities necessary for USB flash drives and has committed to designing a test suite for our specific market," said Blaine Phelps, director of worldwide marketing for M-Systems DiskOnKey Business Unit. "We hope that the USB flash drive market realizes the potential of this important tool that will elevate the category by establishing industry standards for fair and concise performance reporting."

By virtue of the fact you have received this message, you-like most of the developed world-have moved to using the Internet. For most of us not a day goes by without some interaction with it. Now you can benchmark it with the two dedicated Internet benchmarks: Internet/ISP Connection & Internet/ISP Peerage Benchmarks.

The existing memory benchmark has been modified to support NUMA (Non Uniform Memory Addressing) as found on the new AMD64/EM64T machines and existing IA64 machines.

New Features:

  • Multi-platform benchmark results (Win32 x86, Win64 IA64, WinCE ARM) with more to follow (Win64 AMD64/EM64T; Win32 Alpha); can compare and contrast benchmark results on all platforms from any versions.
  • Data Repository across all Professional/Engineer versions.
  • Multi-language combined installer (English, French, Nederland, Russian) with more languages to follow.
  • Support for AMD Opteron multi-processor architecture (AMD Athlon 64/Opteron CPUs; AMD 8131, SiS 755/760, VIA K8T400/M chipsets; AMD 8111, SiS 963/S/L south bridges; NUMA up to 32/64 nodes; ACPI 2.0; SMBus 2.0)
  • Support for Intel Pentium 4 400MHz architecture (Intel P4 2.4-3.2GHz CPUs; Intel 875P, 865P/PE/G chipsets; ICH5/5R south bridges)
  • Support for Intel Pentium M mobile architecture (Intel PM 1.3-1.6GHz CPUs; Intel 855PM, 855GM chipsets)
  • Support for SiS embedded architecture (SiS 55x SOC)
  • Support for Intel Itanium 2 architecture (Intel E8870 chipset; NUMA up to 64 nodes; ACPI 2.0)
  • Support for USB 2.0 HiSpeed USB controllers (enhanced EHCI; USB hubs)
  • Support for Windows 64-bit XP/2003 IA64 and AMD64/EM64T in the 32-bit version through dedicated device drivers ensuring full functionality even under WOW64. The installer seamlessly sets up the correct device driver for the target OS.
  • Support for WinSock ports (TCP & UDP) & process bound listing.


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About SiSoftware

SiSoftware, founded in 1995, is one of the leading providers of computer analysis, diagnostic and benchmarking software. The flagship product, known as "SANDRA", was launched in 1997 and has become one of the most widely used products in its field. Nearly 700 worldwide IT publications, magazines and review sites use SANDRA to analyse the performance of today's computers. Over 9,000 on-line reviews of computer hardware that use SANDRA are catalogued on our website alone.

Since launch, SiSoftware has always been at the forefront of the technology arena, being among the first providers of benchmarks that show the power of emerging new technologies such as multi-core, GPGPU, OpenCL, DirectCompute, x64, ARM, MIPS, NUMA, SMT (Hyper-Threading), SMP (multi-threading), AVX3, AVX2, AVX, FMA4, FMA, NEON, SSE4.2, SSE4.1, SSSE3, SSE3, SSE2, SSE, Java and .NET.

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